The Garland County Library exists primarily to provide service to the community.  One of the ways it achieves this purpose is to make its meeting room available for public gatherings.


The Library Bill of Rights, as amended in 1980 by the American Library Association, states, “Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”  Therefore, the Garland County Library meeting room will be available to anyone regardless of the content of the meeting or of the beliefs or affiliations of the sponsors.  Meetings rooms are open to use by individuals or organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities.  Use by the public does not imply endorsement or approval by the Garland County Library of the beliefs, positions, or actions of anyone using the facilities.  Attendance must be open to the public.


The following guidelines have been established to govern the use of the meeting facilities in the Garland County Library:


·        Applicants shall be residents of Garland County and shall show proper identification as required for receiving a library card.  Governmental entities are exempt from this requirement.


·        Meetings and programs must be held during regular library hours of the Garland County Library.


·        Compliance with room capacities must be observed at all times as follows:  Gordonelle Williams Hall (115 maximum); Room A (14 maximum); Room B (20 maximum); Room C (20 maximum).


·        Events may not start before, or last longer than, the scheduled time.  Any time needed to set up before and clean up after the event should be considered when scheduling the event. 


·        All meetings must be over and the rooms vacated 15 minutes before the library closes.  Groups who fail to vacate the library meeting rooms on time more than once during the calendar year will forfeit the right to use the meeting rooms.


·        Groups who fail to notify the library of canceled meetings more than once during the calendar year will forfeit the right to use the meeting rooms.


·        Meetings held in all Meeting Rooms are free of charge.


·        Meeting rooms will not be made available to any person/groups if, in the opinion of the Library Director, the group’s activities would interfere with the normal operations of the Garland County Library.


·        In order to ensure equitable availability of meeting facilities, use by any person/group may be limited at the discretion of the Director.  No person/group may book Gordonelle Williams Hall more than once a month for an entire year.  Exceptions can be made for special events, seminars or classes with the approval of the director.  Beginning on December 1st each year, all meetings are booked on a first-come, first-first served basis for the upcoming year.  Any person/group wishing to renew their reservation for the coming year must re-register during the months of October and November.  Any person/group who fails to reregister at that time will be cancelled.


·        Admission fees, or other charges, may not be imposed for attendance at meetings in the Garland County Library.  Exceptions to this may be made in instances of registration fees, or other charges, necessary to cover expenses for institutes, workshops, or conferences, when, in the judgment of the Board of Trustees, the sponsoring organization is one which; (a) is formed for purposes which further the purposes and objectives of the Garland County Library; and (b) is not-for-profit organization which qualifies for exemption from federal income taxes as described in section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code (or could qualify for such exemption upon the filing of a proper application).


·        Meeting rooms may not be used for the sale of goods or merchandise, or for commercial purposes.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director in the case of not-for-profit sponsors who meet the conditions set out above.  (Example:  Friends of the Library) (Examples of non-qualifying uses: Anyone selling services for investments and insurance purposes, birthday parties, weddings, showers, attorney/client depositions, anniversary parties, etc.)


·        Individuals may use the facilities for not-for-profit activities such as volunteer tutoring, studying, discussions groups, workshops, educational classes or club meetings. 


·        All reservations are subject to cancellation if the Library requires use of the meeting room.  In such cases the Library will notify the applicant as soon as possible.



·        Smoking and/or tobacco use in any form is not permitted in the library, including the foyer and meeting rooms.


·        Food or drink is allowed in Gordonelle Williams Hall only with the approval of the Library Director.  Approval shall not be granted if it is determined that the consumption of food or drink would cause damage or place undue

burden on the Garland County Library staff.  No food or drink is allowed in Rooms A, B or C.


·        Those person/groups who are given permission to consume food or drink on the premises of the Garland County Library shall pay a $10.00 fee.  No meals may be cooked on the premises.  Only catered meals, covered-dish meals or light refreshments shall be served.  No “red punch”, kool-aid, or grape juice will be allowed.  Dishes, paper towels, kitchen utensils, and coffee accessories must be furnished by the user organization.  All groups are responsible for food/and/or trash cleanup.  Garbage must be placed in a trash receptacle.  Damages to the room shall be charged to the person/group using the room.


·        The Library can provide some audio-visual equipment.  Those parties interested in using the Library’s AV equipment should inquire about the availability of use of this equipment.  Persons or groups wishing to use AV equipment must schedule use according to the AV Calendar.  Those individuals or groups having booked AV use in advance will be served first.  Groups may use their own audio/visual equipment; however, they may not attach their AV equipment to the library’s AV equipment.  Laptop computers are the only exception.  A representative of a group meeting in Gordonelle Williams Hall will be required to check out the AV equipment from the circulation desk and insure its proper return immediately after use.


·        The Garland County Library reserves the right to have a member of its staff present at each scheduled event.  An organization denied the use of the meeting room may appeal to the Director for reconsideration by submitting a written request for reinstatement which shall include name, address, and telephone number of the individual, and the name of the organization.  The Library Director or the Board of Trustees will issue a decision within 30 days of the request.


·        The Organization, individual, or group using the meeting rooms assumes responsibility for damage to the rooms or contents.  The representative of the group using Gordonelle Williams Hall is responsible for turning off room lights, locking the door, and notifying a staff member after use.


·        All persons or groups wishing to make crafts or items that require hammers, nails, glue guns, paint, and other like items must request approval prior to the event.  The Library Director may grant approval.  A $25.00 Craft Deposit will be required and refunded after inspection by a library employee.


·        No physical changes are allowed except for the rearrangement of furniture.  The person or group making the reservation is responsible for setting-up tables, chairs, etc.  Furniture will be arranged to its initial configuration after the meeting is over.  No groups are allowed to attach anything to the walls.  No candles or other open flames are allowed.


·        The Library reserves the right to cancel events and use of the meeting rooms for violation of these rules.  Groups failing to notify the Library of canceled meetings may forfeit the right to use the meeting rooms.


·        The Library reserves the right to request a statement or outline of programs.


·        All users should recognize that use of the Library’s meeting space is temporary. 


·        No group or individual shall be allowed use of meeting space for more than the current calendar year.  Further use may be granted based partially upon the timely submission of an application for the following year. 


·        If any group’s attendance becomes too large to accommodate parking or room capacity, that group may not be able to renew its reservation for the next year.


·        All groups/persons requesting use of the meeting rooms over the phone, by fax or e-mail must have a completed signed registration form approved by a library representative no later than one week after their request.  If they fail to complete an application in that time, they will be removed from the calendar.  A tentative hold on the room will be removed after one week if the requesting group fails to secure a completed registration form with the signatures from both parties. 





Submitted for revision, 11/04