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News Release

November 2010



The Friends of the Garland County Library will hold its annual general membership meeting on Monday, Nov. 8, at 11:00 a.m. in the library auditorium.

Carol Trowbridge, president of the Friends, reports that there will be a brief business session for the election of officers and board members for 2011.

Members attending the meeting will have an opportunity to learn more about recent activities of the Friends with a report from treasurer Peggy Young regarding the more than $61,000 in donations given to the Garland County Library this year by the Friends of the Library.

Membership in the Friends of the Library is open to anyone interested in supporting the Garland County Library. Dues are $5 a year and may be paid at the circulation desk at the library any time. On the day of the annual membership meeting, individuals may pay their 2011 dues directly to the membership chairman. Membership dues collected are added to the other funds raised by the Friends for library projects

As a major fund-raising project, the Friends of the Library operate the library's used-book sale room, which is open daily during library hours. Books for the sale room are supplied by donations from the local community and donations are welcome year round. For information about donating your used books, call the library, 623-4161.