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*****Event #007*****

Saturday, June 29th

1:00pm - 3:00pm

In the Multi-Purpose Room

Garland County Library  |  1427 Malvern Ave.  |  Hot Springs, AR 71901

For more information or to register call 501-623-4161 or 501-922-4483.

The GCL is hosting this club's events so that Nintendo fans in the Hot Springs area and all of Arkansas can get together to StreetPass, exchange data, and play games.

The Garland County Library YA Team Presents...

Event #006

Second Annual The Legend of Zelda Speedrun Event

This is an anniversary of last year's speedrun event. Be the first Past the Master Sword, through the first three dungeons, to pass the Forest Temple.

Winner gets the book Hyrule Historia, and other Zelda-themed prizes.